Quality Comparison

Readers of my Not sLop blog may have noticed my rant about T-Mobile MMS video conversion. I have decided to show an example of one reason that I wish they weren’t messing with my video. Below is the original 3gp version followed by the WMV version that T-Mobile sent to me via email.

The 3pg file (above) is approximately 100 KB, plays at approximately 80 kb/sec, is 10.5 seconds long and has a framerate of 15 frames per second. The quality is acceptable.

The Windows Media version is almost 70 KB, plays at approximately 70 kb/second, is 10.5 seconds long and has a framerate of only 5 frames per second. The quality is noticably worse, mostly due to it being a heavily compressed version of a heavily compressed original and that the framerate they encoded it at is dismal, utterly dismal.

Come on T-Mobile, don’t continue this nonsense.

(The one good thing about the Windows Media version is that you can’t see the long white hair in the middle of my beard ;-) )

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