New QuickTime Audio/Video Posting Plugin for WordPress

I just finished up a slightly different/easier QuickTime Posting Plugin for WordPress. This one differs a bit from my original QuickTime Posting Plugin in that it has a GUI interface and uses JavaScript to dynamically embed the audio/video instead of directly embedding them. This has been a common request amongst people using the original version as pages with many videos could take a long time to load. This solves that problem..! Yay!

Please give it a shot and let me know if you have any comments or further requests (the comments section below would be a good place to post those).

Download Version 1.2.2a (now with LOOPING!)

Quick Instructions:

1: Download the file and extract the files (keeping the folder in place).
2: Upload the folder, including the files inside of it (qtAudioVideoPosting.php and qtobject.js) to your WordPress Plugins folder (wp-content/plugins).
3: Go to the “Plugins” tab in your WordPress console and click “Activate”.
4: Now when you write a post, you should see a new section called “QuickTime Audio/Video Posting”.
5: In the “Audio/Video URL” field, enter the full URL to the QuickTime audio or video file (something like
6: Enter in a “Width” and “Height” in the appropriate fields.
7: Optionally include a URL for an image to display otherwise the text in the “Text link” field will be displayed.
8: Click publish and check it out on your blog.

Thanks go out to John Schimmel as well as those using the original plugin for all of the help and suggestions.

Oh yeah: Below is an example..

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  1. [...] Last, here is a new version (actually, not a version of this but a complete rewrite with different capabilities, meaning don’t remove this plugin when you install the new one, your original videos will probably stop working): New QuickTime Audio/Video Posting Plugin for WordPress [...]

  2. Katrina says:

    I get an error message when I try to activate the plugin — but if I refresh the page after receiving the error message, it shows that the plugin has activated. Just an odd little bug.

  3. Hi Katrina,

    Hmmn.. Did the error relate to to the database?

    I will look into it.. Glad it didn’t prevent it from working though.

  4. Hi All,

    I think I have solved the database problem that Katrina was having. A new version has been uploaded.. Please let me know if anyone has trouble with it…

  5. Mr.Pyrre says:


    I installed 1.1a & this was my message:

    WordPress database error: [Table 'xxx_wrdp1.wp_qtAudioVideoPosting_posts' doesn't exist]
    select post_id, video_url, video_width, video_height, video_text, video_image, video_display from wp_qtAudioVideoPosting_posts where post_id = 44

  6. Daniel says:

    Hi guys – I had the same issue as Mr. Pyrre, so I created the table manually (got the table structure out of the plugin code) and all went swimmingly. Cheers.

  7. Nate says:

    I also just installed 1.1a and had to manually create the new table, but at first glance, the plugin seems to be working well. I think I would like some more flexibility in where to place the video though, instead of just at the top or bottom of the post.

  8. Kevin says:

    This looks fantastic! Love that a simple Google search brought me here quickly.

    Quick question though as I haven’t had a chance to download and install yet. Will this also allow you to set the movie to launch the movie in QuickTime Player through the target command?

  9. Hi Folks,

    So.. A small typo is what caused the plugin to not install.. I just uploaded a new version. Please give it a shot and let me know.


  10. Samuel says:

    Hi, I have the same problem than Mr Pyrre and Daniel. What does the file that you created manually actually look like? tx

  11. Hi Samuel,

    I am sorry that this error is still occurring. Can you tell me what version of WordPress you are using?

    I will try to get it straightened out.


  12. Samuel says:

    I use WordPress version 2.0.6.

  13. Hey folks, I have once again found a small bug. The version is up to 1.2.1a and it is tested successfully on WordPress 2.1 and 2.3.

  14. [...] QuickTime Audio/Video Posting Plugin for WordPress A QuickTime Posting Plugin for WordPress that has a GUI interface and uses JavaScript to dynamically embed the audio/video instead of directly embedding them. [...]

  15. [...] QuickTime Audio/Video Posting Plugin for WordPress A QuickTime Posting Plugin for WordPress that has a GUI interface and uses JavaScript to dynamically embed the audio/video instead of directly embedding them. [...]

  16. naisioxerloro says:

    Good design, who make it?

  17. Willy B says:

    Thank you!

  18. Kevin Dooley says:

    Is there any way to use this to embed multiple videos in one post?

  19. Hi Kevin,

    Not with this version.. With this one you can:


  20. Hi.
    I uploaded folder to server but when I went to plugins in WP it is not there.
    MiKe OS 10.3.9

  21. Hi Michael,

    You seem to have the “qtAudioVideoPosting” folder inside another folder called “qtAudioVideoPosting Folder”. You should move it out of that folder and delete “qtAudioVideoPosting Folder”. That should do the trick..

  22. steven says:

    I installed the plugin, it shows up in WP, put it will not add to the post or even code. Odd…. I tried to edit one with a QT already there and I even created a new one but nothing shows up on the screen or in the code.

  23. Sue says:

    I having the same issue as Michael – except I do not have the folder labeled incorrectly.

    I placed the “qtAudioVideoPosting” folder in the plugins folder and it is not showing up in my list of plugins to activate.

  24. Due to popular demand, I have added looping in as an option..

  25. Albo says:

    Is there a way to delete a QuickTime embed from a post? I’ve been using your plug-in successfully, but recently needed to edit a post I’d made on a blog.

    Even if I deleted the urls within the post, it wouldn’t save correctly, the video file always remains.

  26. Oooh.. I didn’t include that functionality but I probably should have.

    Right now, if you go into your database and find the table named “qtAudioVideoPosting_posts” you can delete the row that contains that video information.

  27. K says:

    I did it worked but is there any way I can insert it in the middle of my post rather than putting it on top or bottom in the option?

    Great plugin!

  28. Nico says:

    Hi, I think I’ve found a bit of a bug…

    This bug only occurs in IE (specifically ie7) When you first load a page using this plugin, everything works just fine. But when you refresh the page, and then try starting the quicktime movie, the quicktime controller doesn’t render, or it renders artifacts from the actual movie thus making it unusable.

  29. Mike says:

    It sounds a great bit of software John as trying to put video on my blog that doesn’t open in another page or auto load each time the page is refreshed is driving my crazy. Problem is I am using the latest version of WordPress 2.7.1 and although the software appeared in my activated plug in list, it is not blue like all the other plugins (the light blue coloured text implies to me the software is working). Is there a problem with the latest WordPress or am I doing something wrong?

    Hope you can help as I really would like to start adding video content to my blog as per your example here which I think is great.

    Many thanks.


  30. Mike says:

    Oh, forgot to mention I am using a mac and OSX 10.5.6, could this be an issue?

    Many thanks


  31. ryan pohanic says:

    Just a quick note to say thanks for this plugin….

  32. ano says:

    thanks for the plugin! it works great for posts, but I cant figure out how to get it to work for “pages”….the entry forms dont show up on the bottom of the “edit page” section. Any ideas on a workaround?

  33. ano says:

    Wanted to post a slight workaround: for my “pages”, I was able to successfully embed QuickTime using the original plugin at the top of the page.

  34. dui indiana says:

    Playing around with your plugin. It does not work yet on Any suggestions to make it work?

  35. cameron says:

    Hi just one really quick question. Got the plugin installed ;) I store my original videos on Filezilla but when I enter the URL for the video it starts with FTP, and this doesn’t seem to work? help please

  36. Shawn says:

    Hi Cameron, You’ll have to figure out what the “http” url to the file is. Perhaps your web hosting service has some information about that?

  37. Lorencotap says:

    Where is admin?!
    By the way, anybody home?!

  38. What do you need Lorencotap?

  39. Martine Syms says:

    I’m using this on a portfolio site, all the projects use pages. As Ano said, this plugin doesn’t work on Pages. I would use the original plugin, but I need the file to loop. Any suggestions?


  40. The plugin can definitely be modified to support pages. Unfortunately, it is not something I can take on at this point. It is open source so anyone who is interested should feel free.

  41. Jodi says:

    Apparently this doesn’t upload videos quicker. That’s what I was looking for. I have a 20 min. video on a page and it takes forever to upload. Do you know of a plug-in that would make it quicker.

  42. Do you mean download? You probably need to make the video be “fast start”.

    Hope that helps.

  43. AssangeLer says:

    I need to contact site admin urgently. Can you understand me?
    Hope for answer
    bye bye ;))

  44. Nina Zacuto says:

    I am trying to prevent the video from playing automatically. I added this code:

    but that didn’t work. Any suggestions? Is there a specific order where this code should go? Should it work with posts?

  45. Nina Zacuto says:

    Oops the code didn’t show up …
    param name=”autoplay” value=”false”
    I guess because I put the greater than symbols around it.

  46. Shawn says:

    Hi Nina,

    Try replacing this code in the plugin:

    if ($image != “”)
    $tags .= “document.write(‘<a href=\”" . $movie . “\” onClick=\”doQTObject(\\’videoPost_display_” . $post_id . “\\’,\\’” . $movie . “\\’,\\’$width\\’,\\’” . $height . “\\’,true); return false;\”><img src=\”" . $image . “\” border=\”0\”><br>”.$text.”</a>’);”;
    $tags .= “document.write(‘<a href=\”" . $movie . “\” onClick=\”doQTObject(\\’videoPost_display_” . $post_id . “\\’,\\’” . $movie . “\\’,\\’” . $width . “\\’,\\’” . $height . “\\’,true); return false;\”>”.$text.”</a>’);”;
    //$tags .= “doQTObject(\”videoPost_display_” . $post_id . “\”,\”$movie\”,\”$width\”,\”$height\”,false);”;
    $tags .= ”
    // –>

    with this:

    if ($image != “”)
    $tags .= “document.write(‘<a href=\”" . $movie . “\” onClick=\”doQTObject(\\’videoPost_display_” . $post_id . “\\’,\\’” . $movie . “\\’,\\’$width\\’,\\’” . $height . “\\’,false); return false;\”><img src=\”" . $image . “\” border=\”0\”><br>”.$text.”</a>’);”;
    $tags .= “document.write(‘<a href=\”" . $movie . “\” onClick=\”doQTObject(\\’videoPost_display_” . $post_id . “\\’,\\’” . $movie . “\\’,\\’” . $width . “\\’,\\’” . $height . “\\’,false); return false;\”>”.$text.”</a>’);”;
    //$tags .= “doQTObject(\”videoPost_display_” . $post_id . “\”,\”$movie\”,\”$width\”,\”$height\”,false);”;
    $tags .= ”
    // –>

    It should be lines 185 through 197.

  47. Laura says:

    Hi. I’m wondering if there is a way to have the video size into the full designated size, rather than slightly smaller — creating a border around the video (appearing as a dotted line when you click on the video). I’d like the video size to match the dotted line size so it matches my site template and just looks cleaner overall. Ideas?

  48. dtothefp says:

    Hi this plugin looks great. I have it downloaded and activated in my WordPress. For some reason when I go to post I don’t see the option for your plug-in. This is probably a stupid question but I can’t find it. Thanks

  49. The problem I seem to get on all players is that in insists on downloading the whole mov file before playing it, which for a big file involves a long delay.

    Is there a way to display the control immediatly and start playing before full download?

  50. You need to make sure your mov file is “fast start”.

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