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I got tired of my XML-RPC posts with QuickTime movies messing up the design of my blog. WordPress automatically adds paragraph breaks embed and object tags. This plugin corrects that behavior and doesn’t require the user to know how to create those tags. Additionally, starting with version 1.3b, this plugin uses JavaScript to get around the ActiveX alert on Windows versions of IE.

Download the Plugin

To install, download and extract the zip file. Upload the two files to your WordPress plugins folder (not including the directory). Once it is there, you can activate it from the WP administration pages.

After it is installed, you can us the following syntax to embed a QuickTime movie in a post:

[QUICKTIME http://www.xxxx.com/quicktime.mov 320 257]
or to use a poster frame or movie (in version 1.1b and above):
[QUICKTIME http://x.com/quicktime.mov http://x.com/poster.mov 320 257]

Always start with a bracket “[” followed by “QUICKTIME” then the path to the file, the width and the height. End with a closing bracket “]”.

A couple of notes about “poster frames/movies”: It should be the case that you can just use a jpeg or other image file as a poster movie as QuickTime can handle those formats. Unfortunately, this confuses several browsers so it is best to stick with using a movie as a poster movie.
Here is the one that I have started to use Here is a page that you can see it in action on.
To create your own, create a JPEG or GIF or PNG file and open it up with QuickTime Pro and “Save As” a “Self Contained Movie”.

One other thing to be conscious of regarding poster movies is that WordPress may be confused by them and not put the appropriate “enclosure” in your RSS feed for applications like FireAnt. This may or may not be a problem but is worth being aware of.

Starting with version 1.2b, I have implemented the ability to specify whether or not the video should auto start/autoplay and/or have a controller. To use these two options you would form the tag as follows:
[QUICKTIME http://x.com/quicktime.mov 320 257 true false]

The first “true” or “false” value is whether or not it should auto play and the second is whether or not a controller should be visible.

One thing that you should note is that it doesn’t really make sense to use a poster movie with movies that don’t auto play and it doesn’t really make sense to not have a controller for movies that don’t auto play.

If you like this script or are having problems with it, let me know, leave a comment below.

Of course, updates and additions to the script are appreciated. If you are interested, I use it at: MobVCasting and Open Vlog.

Last, if you are looking for a similar solution that will work with Flash and Windows Media as well as QuickTime and not only WordPress but Blogger and other places, check out Enric’s videos Playing In Place

You might also be interested in the latest tool that I have been working on for WordPress, a video commenting plugin

Last, here is a new version (actually, not a version of this but a complete rewrite with different capabilities, meaning don’t remove this plugin when you install the new one, your original videos will probably stop working): New QuickTime Audio/Video Posting Plugin for WordPress

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  1. I’ve just installed this plugin, but it isn’t working for me. I have other plugins installed so I’m not sure if it’s causing any conflict. Anyways, all I am seeing is a blank screen. Is there a way to fix this? Thanks.

  2. Kristine,

    I am sorry that there are problems. Can you tell me which plugins you have installed and what version of WordPress you are using?

    Also, if you could do an example post and point me to the URL that would be helpful in debugging.


  3. Many thanks for the plugin – it works great…Except for the fact that I can’t get the movie to appear after the “jump” if I split the post with the more tag. I’ve checked, and the plugin runs (the quicktime tag isn’t displayed, and it seems to run the generate tags function), but the quicktime code itself is never embedded. It’s just blank.

    Drop me a mail if you’re interested in troubleshooting the problem, and I’ll mail you a link.


  4. Hi, I have wp 2.3.3 and QuickTime Posting 1.3.5b installed. A bunch of other wp plugins in use as well.

    Cannot get the page the video is embedded in to show up correctly – the page renders as broken one. Generated code somehow broken? When I remove the link to QT file the page is ok.

    Should the plugin work in wp pages (vs wp posts)? Should work with .m4v files?

  5. Hi Ari,

    It definitely works on pages as well as posts. It is most likely an issue with the template you are using if it isn’t work on pages but is on posts.

    Have you tried it on a post instead of a page?

    Can you send me a link to a test?

    Yes, it should work with .m4v files as long as QuickTime can play them..


  6. Hey. thanks for the nice plugins. the tests are working quite well!
    but I have one problem. is it possible to play movie as loop?

    thanks and regards,

  7. Hi David,

    It is certainly possibile though it would require some code changes (that I don’t have the time for at the moment).

    If you are interested in giving it a shot, I can give you some pointers..

    Let me know..


  8. Hi Shawn,

    Do you have any ideas why my videos posted with this plugin don’t play on an iPhone or iPod touch? I can see the poster frame, but when I click on the link, I get a quicktime logo, then a play logo with a circle x’d over it. Directly opening the video’s location works, so I know that the format is supported by the iPhone, and javascript is turned on in Mobile Safari.

    Any suggestions?

  9. Thank you sooo much for this plugin! It’s working great.

    Is there a way to use the QTNext command with this plugin?


  10. Hi maxdream, you *might* be able to do that by adding the following line at the bottom of the plugin file (quicktimepost.php) right below the “add_filter” line: add_action(‘wp_meta’,’quicktime_post’);

    If you try it, let us know how it works..

  11. Hi chris,

    It doesn’t support that now but you could add it by editing the quicktime_post function and adding a new “else if” for more arguments (7):
    else if (sizeof($the_args) == 7)
    list($file,$poster,$width,$height,$autoplay,$controller,$qtnext) = explode(” “,$tagargs);
    $tags = generate_tags($file,$width,$height,$poster,$autoplay,$controller,$qtnext);
    $new_content = substr($the_content,0,$spos);
    $new_content .= $tags;
    $new_content .= substr($the_content,($epos+1));

    then editing the “generate_tags” function to accept another argument:
    function generate_tags($file, $width, $height, $poster = “”, $autoplay = “false”, $controller = “”, $qtnext = “”)

    and modifying that function to pay attention to the $qtnext variable..

  12. hey, i am very interested in you embed quicktime video plug into my wordpress blog but it didn’t work. when i activated it in wp i got the message: “can’t be activated, caused fatal error. do you have any idea how i can solve this?

  13. For some reason, the page loads, and the video loads in place, and then the page refreshes and only the quicktime video shows.

  14. Hi J, I would probably switch to using this plugin: http://www.mobvcasting.com/wp/?p=431 instead..

    It should behave a bit better in the browser..

    The other thing you might try is setting the WMODE parameter in the tags that are generated. In order to do that you will have to update the source of the plugin though.

  15. It depends on the IP camera. If it is an Axis camera that can be played in QuickTime then yes this plugin can be used to display that video.

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